Playing Evil Races

At this time in Norrath, long after the major wars have settled, many races once deemed evil have begun to incorporate themselves into society. Some did so begrudgingly, while others eagerly sought redemption and acceptance.

As a player, you do have the option of playing any of these “evil” races – provided your alignment is actually Neutral or Good. Keep in mind, however, that you will likely be met with suspicion, fear or anger by the general population. While you may be willing to take that risk to suit your concept, keep in mind the danger or difficulty you could be imposing on your party. Those wanting to play an evil race should seek the approval of the DM and other party members before finalizing their character.

The following is the list of Evil races, and a brief summary of their public acceptance.

Dark Elf: The Teir’Dal – along with the Iksar – have largely chosen to remain evil. Unlike the latter, however, they have also largely remained underground and isolated from society. Those that reach the surface are generally met with fear and suspicion. They will not be served in most establishments, and are almost always considered to be up to no good. As a whole, Dark Elves are considered a stain on the world. Killing a Dark Elf is seen as no more criminal than attacking vermin, and lawkeepers such as guards or knights have no fear of legal retribution for doing so.

Froglok: Froglok’s were known slaves of other evil races, especially the Trolls. Many turned on their former tyrants, gaining redemption in the eyes of the public. As such they are now considered Neutral, and can pass just about anywhere.

Iksar: Even more than the Dark Elves, the Iksar are universally hated and feared. They are vicious and bloodthirsty, along the lines of demons or goblins in the eyes of society. Seeing an Iksar casually walking amongst a group of adventurers will almost always lead to the party being banned from important locations, inns and other establishments. Iksar are viewed as irredeemable, and it will take a considerable amount of good deeds to prove themselves to the people.

Ogres and Trolls: Many Ogres have turned to manual labor or mercenary work to incorporate themselves into society. They are seen as dangerous brutes, but are not openly met with aggression. Those accompanied by a party often receive sideways glances, but are otherwise left alone. Trolls have a slightly more violent reputation, and may be restricted from sensitive locations. Still, they are left alone as long as they don’t cause any trouble.

Playing Evil Races

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