The Human is the race known all around for their good and bad sides. While they can band together to fight off any force, their greed and their own nature sometimes pits them against one another. They are like a plague upon the earth, you can find them in every corner doing what they will.

The Humans are the ‘average’ race of Norrath, and are very diverse and nice people. The Humans live in the cities of Qeynos and Freeport, while both lie on opposite ends of the continent of Antonica: Qeynos in the west and Freeport in the east. Humans do not specialize in magic or fighting, but they have the ability to do both, even though their ability is just below those of other races in these aspects. The Humans are friendly with almost every race in Norrath, though they dislike the Ogres, Trolls, and Iksar of the world. Humans do allow Dark Elves inside their city walls at times, but tend to distrust them.


  • Human Race (Standard or Variant)
  • Add two languages of your choice.
  • Begin with maximum starting gold, in addition to class equipment.


EverQuest: Second Darkness Praissen