A Halfling is a small well rounded being which resembles a Human in many ways. They are a fun people and have many sneaky ways. They have high Dexterity and agility and love to always travel on their hairy feet.

The third of the shorter races of Norrath, the hairy footed Halflings are one of the most nimble and mobile races on the planet. They are natural travelers, and many choose to take a nomadic path, visiting all the places of the world on foot. They usually measure about three feet in height and are often thick around their middles. Their lack of height is not to be confused as a weakness though; if confronted or threatened, Halflings are very capable. Very friendly folk, the Halflings enjoy talking and fooling with other people. Many Halflings tend to be tricksters, poking fun at other races and even their friends. The Halflings reside in the town of Rivervale , which is in central Antonica by the Misty Thicket.

Most worship Bristlebane, their patron god and creator of their race; a few of the less religious follow his close ally Brell Serilis. The Druid and Ranger Halflings put their faith in the rain god Karana. As Bristlebane is the trickster god, the few Paladins arising from this race also worship Karana. The Warriors may worship Rallos Zek.


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