Half Elf

Half Elves are born from the far from uncommon union of Elves and Humans. They have inherited some of the strength and agility natural to their parent races and resemble more ‘softly’ built Humans with the facial characteristics of Elves. Though Half Elves are a result of a clear break through in the barriers between races, they often suffer from discrimination and prejudice within their own societies. They are not considered to ‘belong’ to either race and the life of a Half Elf can be lonely, as an unwilling outsider, though many find a home within the guilds and societies of their professions.

Half Elves have many of the values and beliefs common to the Elves and seem to find the Wood Elf city of Kelethin more attractive than any other. Out of this city Half Elves commonly train as Bards, apparently finding the qualities of song and dance a great comfort to them. Many others turn to nature and a great deal of those will become Druids and Rangers, despite their somewhat flighty nature. The forest they serve cares little for the race of its wardens and Half Elves who choose natures cause often develop a close bond with the creatures they have decided to protect.

Despite the indifference an even cruelty Half Elves can face among their own kinds, they are found to be a generous and caring people. Those who show they can see beyond the ‘Half Breed’ prejudices will always find a loyal and dedicated friend beyond initial weariness and caution.Half Elves spend a great deal of time with their companions; the lack of any close ties within cities of their birth means they are free to join them to adventure and explore. Half Elves usually develop far closer friendships than the other races, seeing their companions as their true family and kin.

While they have retained Elven features and dexterity, the magical energies common of Elven kind have deserted them. Half Elves tend to be stronger and hardier, similar to the more muscular build of the Humans. They are, however, much more nimble and dexterous than their Humanlike build would indicate and seem to have retained the Elves’ natural agility, as well as their ability to see in the dark. Those abilities mean they take well to the path of a Rogue, Finally some seek to emulate their human side more closely and follow the path of the Warrior or Paladin. They may worship a great variety of deities due to their mixed heritage.


  • Half-Elf Race
  • Replace “+ 2 Charisma” with “+ 2 Dexterity.”

Half Elf

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