The Dwarf race are ones who are small in height but big in strength. They mine the mountains for riches and drink to their heart’s content. Dwarves are recognized by their thick beards and mustaches, even female dwarves can be bearded. The size of a dwarf is no disadvantage to them as they can swipe even the largest of foes off their feet.

The Dwarves are one of the strongest races, and for their height, are extremely well fit and stout. Great miners, the dwarves live in the mountain side town of Kaladim, on the Fadywer continent. Dwarves have broad faces, usually with a prominent nose, and take extraordinary pride in their hair. Almost all Dwarves have beards, and grow them quite long. Some Dwarf woman also grow small beards. This ancient race is strongly motivated by honor and loyalty. They also know how to balance work and play,and are fascinating storytellers, If a Dwarf is ever wronged, it can be painful for the one who causes the problem as Dwarves tend to hold a grudge. The Dwarves side with good, being friends with Humans, Barbarians, and the elves. Very versatile, Dwarves can be seen as Warriors, Thieves, or even Clerics.


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