The Drakkin, hailing from Crescent Reach, are a vaguely Human-like race with draconic features. They were created by a rebel group of Dragons known as the Circle of the Crystalwing who, disagreeing with their brethren over how best to preserve the future of their race, broke away from The Nest, coercing and kidnapping Human subjects and blessing them with a small but potent degree of draconic blood. These first Drakkin and their subsequent progeny took home in the abandoned Ogre city in the Serpent’s Spine Mountains and named it Crescent Reach.

All Drakkin are devoted to their draconic cause, for all hear the call of Veeshan in their hearts, and so are looked upon with some distrust by the majority of other races, though they are permitted entrance to most cities on Norrath. This is not much of a concern for newly awoken Drakkin, however, as Crescent Reach is a bustling city with much to see and do in it’s own right.


  • Dragonborn Race


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