Dark Elf

Dark elves are one of the three known ancient elf races, one of the oldest on Norrath. They are known by the elf word, Teir’Dal, a word meaning “elf of the abyss.” They have existed for ages in the dark underworlds of Norrath, and are the children of Innoruuk. It is said that Innoruuk, as part of his retribution against the gods that did not invite him to create a race on Norrath as part of their pact against Veeshan, kidnapped the leaders of Tunare’s creations, the first elven king and queen, and tortured them over the span of 3000 years, tearing them apart and rebuilding them in his own twisted image. Whatever their true origins may be, there is no doubt that the dark elves have embraced Hate as a guiding force in their lives. Hate, when disciplined, can make one strong and focused. When inspired in others, it can be a means to corrupt and control them.

The practice of necromancy (magical power over death and the dead), which the Teir’Dal see as Innoruuk’s gift to their race, is very much at the core of their culture.


  • Elf Race (Dark Elf Subrace)
  • Drow Magic. Replace the spells faerie fire and darkness with inflict wounds and animate dead.

Dark Elf

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