Bindstones and Dying

Throughout Norrath are a number of mystical shrines, built by an ancient culture long since lost to time. These altars – known as Bindstones – possess the ability to store and channel the essence of living creatures. Because the energy of these stones is a blend of divine and arcane energies, even constructs and other sentient beings can use them. Many cities have been built around Bindstones, which are prominently displayed in town squares. Others can be found deep within the forests, caverns and wilds of the world. Wherever they are found, Bindstones are treated with reverence and respect by even the most sinister races.

By spending one minute concentrating on a Bindstone no further than 30 feet away, a character binds themself to the energy of that Bindstone – which is then known as Bound. Bindstones have the following features, which can be used by all characters.


By meditating uninterrupted on a Bound Bindstone in a ritual that lasts 1 minute, you thereafter vanish and reappear at that Bindstone. You can recall to this Bindstone from any distance, provided you are on the same plane and not incapacitated.


When you die, your body is consumed by blue flame and turns to ash. You are then reborn 1 minute later at your Bound Bindstone, regardless of distance or plane. Your material possessions remain with your destroyed corpse, and you reappear in a stark white robe. For the next hour, you have disadvantage on all attack rolls, skill checks and ability saves.

Binding yourself at a Bindstone saves your experience at that moment. When you die and are resurrected, you revert to that XP number and level.

Bindstones and Dying

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